Here it goes.

So this blog and Facebook page all started because there were so many ideas out there and, frankly, liking them than then having to search for them later was annoying. Why not use Pinterest you ask? Well, I figured if I wanted this awesome collection – others probably did too. The page seemed to be the fastest way to streamline all these recipes and crafts. 

Which got me thinking, posting the crafts and recipes and great ideas on both the blog and the page seemed rather redundant. Simultaneously, I realized that I was going though all these experiences that it would have been REALLY nice to have been told about prior to them happening. MOST women, when asked these questions, were vague or quasi encouraging of “It gets better.” BUT HOW?! 

Most of these things could have gotten better faster, had I known how to be proactive. It’s not the moms’ faults. They ARE moms after all…add in that a lot of their “babies” were waaaaaaaaay past the new born phase I was in and had simply forgotten. 

So. The new blog was morphed and reborn. 

Be forewarned. I have no real modesty, and I’m not squeamish about the human body, it’s functions, or it’s mishaps. I always say what I’m thinking, use correct terminology, aaaaaand I like detail. What can I say. I’m direct. If nothing else, maybe this new and improved blog will help someone out there get some answers that most don’t even realize there are questions to…


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