I just NEED you mom…

Recently I read a blog that I am kicking myself I didn’t save. The gist was this mom of three tried putting her toddler to bed. She kept calling her in saying “I need you mom!” and the mom brought her crackers, water, let her pee, fixed the blankets, get a different stuffy, change the night light color…finally after about 10 times of this, the mom comes in irritated and snaps “WHAT?! What do you need?!” 

The little girl looked up and said “I just need YOU, mom.” 

The mom crawled into bed with the toddler and snuggled. They didn’t say anything, she just held her. After just a few minutes, the little girl said “Ok mom. I think I can sleep now.” Sure enough, she rolled over and was out before mom closed the door. 

I cried. I cried so hard! Because through everything – the sleep depravation, the hunger, the frustration, the annoyance that my son will only take a good nap if he’s on me right now – I suddenly realized, he just NEEDS me.

That’s my job. Not the dishes, the vacuuming, the laundry…those are needed later. But why in the hell would I put washing dishes (something I despise anyway) over just holding my child when that is all he wants. When THAT is what will make him happy, and sleep better? 

Talk about putting yourself in check.


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