Random Mom Thought #30

After the third time of my son waking and screaming as I change his diaper, I can’t help but think:

The asshole that thought snaps on baby pajamas was a good idea OBVIOUSLY never actually HAD a hungry, cranky baby with snaps at 2:30 am. 


Random Mom Thought #29

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for some moms to let their babies cry. Screaming I get, but crying?

Then again, with a husband on swing shift that equates to literally 5 hours of sleep a night so I can see him, being a single mom 5 days a week, having a baby that still sleeps five times a day so leaving is laughable, and still only having time to eat once a day – I think my brain shuts off and I can’t help but think “I’m sorry you’re mad little dude…but you gotta just figure it out.”

Spend the money…

I recently bought a high chair for my Squeaker. After getting over the shock that I was buying a HIGH CHAIR (It’s seriously has already been nearly 6 months?!) I had to help my husband through the shock of the sticker. 

A little background here. I don’t enjoy shopping. I enjoy wasting money even less. So when I shop, or buy anything really, I would much rather just spend a little more to get a lot more bang for my buck. For example: my cloth diapers are $37.95 per diaper. I get a cover, an insert, and a “doubler” for naps. Most people scoffed and said “Get x-brand, they are cheaper. Have whatshername make them, it’ll be cheaper.” But when I hear “cheaper” I don’t hear “less expensive”…I hear “cheap crap”. Case and point – when my son has an explosion, there may be some leaking (honestly, that’s when I KNOW it’s gonna be bad) but the only time we’ve had to strip and shower him was when he was wearing disposables. Most cloth mamas can’t say the same. So, yes. The $40 diaper is WORTH it to me. 

Back to the high chair. When I was a nanny, my family had this AWESOME highchair that adjusted to the child – and could hold the dad. It was a high chair, booster, high seat, and actual chair. When I got pregnant, that’s the ONE thing I wanted to make sure I got. So when diaper.com was having a massive sale, AND I got a discount because I’ve never ordered from them, I did a pretty epic happy dance. 

My poor husband nearly choked on the soda he was drinking when I told him I spent $189 on a high chair. And didn’t recover too much when I told him “But I saved nearly $150!” until he saw the chair put together. The chair has 5 stages: infant – with an infant insert; toddler – with seat belt, both with tray; young child; child; adult. To top it off – it’s wood, so it will last even longer, wipes off like restaurant high chairs, and it’s not this godawful bright yellow Pooh thing in my kitchen. It will hold 250lbs so it can be a step stool if I ever need one. It’s easy to take apart, and put back together so the stages aren’t hard to adjust either. Even the tray is easy to get in and out, and has a removable plastic cover that is dishwasher safe. I am SUPER happy with it. My husband warmed up even further when I was able to give away or sell the three boosters that were given to us when we got pregnant.

Another point. Our playpen was about $75 more than most of them in the store. However, he had a vibrating new born removable bassinet, a vibrating hanging bassinet, the playpen itself, music, lights, a travel bag, and had wheels on one side so it was easily moved from one spot to the next. Oh. And it will be his bed. PlayPens are made so well now, it seems a waste of money to buy a crib as well. I mean, that’s what he’ll sleep in when we travel…so why not at home?

Yet another: I decided I will make baby food. Not to be organic, or hippy, or whatever…but because it seems stupid to spend $1.50 on a 1oz can of pureed pears when, lo and behold, I will be eating fresh pears and happen to own a food processor. So I will need an ice cube tray to make a few meals for him and freeze them. But instead of buying a random tray, I bought the silicone ice cube trays that have exactly 1oz capacity for all 15 slots. Because they are medical grade silicone they won’t break or wear down, and will last forever. 

I guess this whole rant is simply to beg the question: when on earth did it become “better” to settle with WalMart crap because it “saved” money (even though you had to replace said crap four times) as opposed to just spending a little more and having something last years? Why is buying a new $75 plastic high chair considered ok for each time someone gets pregnant…but a $180 one seems “too expensive” even though it will last through four kids? And when in the hell did spending an extra $150 at the grocery store become easier than buying one extra head of broccoli?!

Mom Definition #2

v; the four minutes you have to clean a baby’s ear, clip the nails on the exposed hand, and finally look at that random scratch without them wiggling before you have to flip them over. 
It’s time for me to nurse, where are the qtips?

Mom Definition #1

So it occurred to me that simple words that I had used my entire life drastically change once you become a mom.

Of course, I had to share!

Movie n; a visual timer to let you know when it’s been almost two hours.  The movie is almost over, time for his next nap.

Random Mom Thought #28

That awkward moment when you realize you have to start eating healthier…

Not because you should start eating healthier…but because you will be making the baby food for your 5 month old soon, and Top Ramen probably shouldn’t be one of the first things he eats…

Random Mom Thought #27

Migraines and fussy babies simultaneously need to be utilized by the government as a form of torture…it will work.

Especially day two migraine, add sleep deprivation and a tired baby with low blood sugar who won’t eat, and state secrets will no longer be safe. Ever.