My Journey with Postpartum Depression

I’m just now admitting I may need some help. Don’t wait 8 months. If you feel this way, or like I did in my post “I don’t want my kid…” get help. There really is no shame.

My Journey with Postpartum Depression


Mom Definition #4

n; the device that sanitizes your dishes from the inevitable e-coli you’ve been inadvertently growing on the dishes that have gone yet another day without being washed.

n; a storage unit for clean dishes.

Do we have any clean plates? Dunno…check the dishwasher.

Random Mom Thought #37

I discovered tonight that as exhausted as I am, I’m afraid to go upstairs for fear my son will smell me and wake up…

Random Mom Thought #36

It’s a well known fact that if you don’t eat, your body goes into starvation mode and selfishly holds onto every calorie you DO manage to put into it and causes severe exhaustion. Yet, as a new mom I’m discovering that Gandhi ate more on a daily basis than most moms.

Random Mom Thought #35

First time since his birth I decide not to pump before bed because I worked extremely late and I figured he’d wake up hungry rather soon anyway…and then he decides THIS is the night he will sleep 11 hours on his own. Awesome. :/

Fighting off Frumpy: Ten Boy-Mom “Musts”

This mom…is my new hero. 🙂

Fighting off Frumpy: Ten Boy-Mom “Musts”

Random Mom Thought #34

My son will randomly stop eating on one side for no reason, but still be hungry. I hear the dialog in my brain as something like this:
“Ok. I’m finished with my soup, can I have the chicken now?”