We Homeschool, and You Can Too!

I’ve always been very interested in Homeschooling…or “unschooling” as it’s starting to be called. For my husband and I, it was because of the very negative and lasting sour-feelings of school we both experienced our entire childhood and adolescence. We were either always bored, always felt in trouble for asking questions, or simply had a subject so far out of our scope we simply tuned out during class. Turns out, the subjects were never that far out of our understanding, but the teacher didn’t teach the way we learned.

This is a very interesting blog from someone who homeschools three children of various ages…and I happen to know she’s a pretty amazing person as well!

CarolAnn, Badass Mommy

When my husband and I were first married, we had discussed homeschooling our children. Initially, I was on board to do this, but as Kylie, my oldest started nearing kindergarten age, I felt my confidence dwindle. Then there was Bailey to consider. Bailey is my second child, she’s absolutely gorgeous and funny, but she’s a bit of an asshole. Every family has that one person who has to do the opposite of what is expected of them at all times. If she were to act agreeable, I would think something was wrong. Bailey and her stubbornness, destroyed what was left of my confidence in my ability to teach my children, so after much consideration, I put them in public school.

Both the older girls did really well at public school during kindergarten and first grade. I was amazed at how quickly they were learning. Bailey’s stubborn attitude was improving exponentially…

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