Random Mom Thought #60

That moment when your 19 month old son asks for daddy to put him to bed for the first time in his life…

And you simultaneously jump for joy with the excitement of your new found freedom…

While crying in the laundry room because your baby told you to go away. 


Random Mom Thought #59

So for Mother’s Day, I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to have five hours to do whatever I wanted, in my own damn home, with my pajamas on., completely by myself. This mostly would entail catching up on school work, business admin work, or finally cleaning my house – not fun sounding but the stress relief would have been better than a spa day. 

It didn’t happen. 

I was so frustrated and annoyed, but as I sit here nursing and kissing those chubby cheeks, I can’t help but think how thankful I am to have such a loving husband, funny and intelligent little boy, and how amazing this crazy, maddening, whirlwind of chaos known as my life is. 

Random Mom Thought #58

There’s this moment, as a work at home mom, where you realize you can no longer justify working AT home with a VERY active toddle under your feet. So you take him to daycare and ease into nap time at said daycare. You wait for the dreaded call “He’s melting and just won’t calm down” knowing you’ll have to pack up prematurely…only to get the call “Yup, he’s asleep and I’ll call you when he’s up!”

The clouds part, the harps and trumpets sound, the angels sing, and you order another cup of coffee thanking god they run him like an antelope. 🙂

Random Mom Thought #55

You know you’re doing SOMETHING right as a parent when you have music playing all morning and your 16-month old drops everything to come running to be closer to the speaker while dancing likes he means it when “The Way You Make Me Feel” by MJ comes on.

Why yes! Yes I am VERY proud!


Random Mom Thought #55

I’ve decided nap time is the lunch break of stay at home moms. True, we get at least an hour and a half, but that hour and a half feels like 15 minutes. After finally eating for the first time that day while making the phone calls you couldn’t while your toddler was screaming and running through the house (because being able to do that high-pitched noise is super awesome!) all morning long, doing a load of laundry, trying to switch over the dishes, catch up on any emails for work, and pick up toys so you can sit on the couch without killing yourself… By the time you actually sit down to take a moment, you hear your son talking and calling out “mooooooooooooom?!” while shaking the playpen so it bangs on the wall… Just in case you can’t hear him calling for you.

Go. Now.

Change Image

Don’t keep calm…go change the world.

Random Mom Thought #54

My son hasn’t used real words yet… But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk all the time. When I’m talking back to him and agreeing, I can’t help but think I agreed to him doing some damage… Like unrolling the entire roll of paper, playing in the garbage, or eating the cat’s food. Because he gets extremely excited when I say “okay!”